Quality assurance is viewed as an important and necessary function in Papers Corner. It provides the necessary know-how to the trees plant so they can deliver finished products within the highest standards. The quality control department in Forklift Pro’s provides important services by maintaining a high standard of product quality and by providing proper training to the pulp expertise personnel in process and quality control.

Rean Thai Ltd Quality Control Department was established on June 1998 together with the company’s first product entering the export market. The laboratory continued to be upgraded to keep pace with Forklift Pro’s speedy progress.

Presently Quality Control Staff is working under the supervision of the Quality Control Supervisor who is directly reporting to the General Manager. The company has been assigned the responsibility of total quality check for all incoming and outgoing goods starting from Fiber Verification, Log Verification, and Chip Management, packaging materials receiving and finished goods stored in the warehouse. That’s the company management system ensures quality and safety of all products all the way through from production to the end-consumer.

Rean Thai Ltd follows the key elements necessary for good Quality Control Management:

Quality Management Includes;
>Product Standardization
>Pre Analytical Control
>Post Analytical Control
>Analytical Control

-Internal Quality Control
-External Quality Assessment

Training program for process personnel to understand the principles behind paper process operation and quality management and Training program for the maintenance personnel on routine and preventive maintenance. To crown it all, Quality paper products is what’s still keeping us at the top of the global market till date.


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